Please read our terms of use and FAQ before proceeding with your order. If you inquire about something covered in this exert, it will NOT be answered. Below our important points are listed.

Currently the store is open 7 days a week. We hold the right to close at any moment we feel it is needed. We hold customer service and efficiency above quantity of orders.

[No refunds, No returns]

-Please do not email us regarding restocking a sold out item: If it is sold out, we are likely already working on doing so! I advise you to check the site every few days for the item to be added back into the available stock.

-We do NOT ship international


We do NOT give stacking, cycling advice under any circumstance. Any talk of such will be ignored. It is up to YOU to decide what you will need and want to purchase.

Payment emails/invoices will automatically be sent to you upon submission. Clients such as Gmail tend to send these to your spam folder.

Upon ordering, you have 48 hours to complete your payment submission, past this point your order will no longer be valid.

Two non paid orders will result in a banning from our site. Please be courteous enough to only order if you plan on paying. If an emergency comes up, you get held at work etc – send us an email and we will clear you to pay! Easy as that.

I placed an order, but I forgot to add an item – can I add it to my cart? A. You will need to place an entire new order, and at this point I cannot guarantee the same stock will remain active that you already ‘claimed’.


Orders will NEVER require a signature, although different postal couriers are used. We do not accept requests for delivery via certain courier, this is our choice.

We advise always using the name of the resident you are having your order delivered to. If you use a fake alias, this is generally considered suspicious activity in the eyes of the postal couriers.

We do not offer tracking under any circumstance, nor shall we be held responsible for postal/courier delays, mishandling of packages, or lost packages. Once order is updated to the final status of “payment received, shipping soon” we will have no further update regarding your order.

The expected “ETA” is quoted as 2-5 business days once payment has been deemed valid and collected. Business days are defined by any day there is mail delivered. Excluding Sundays, holidays etc. There is no expedited postage option available via shipping/handling

We DO ship to PO boxes, however – we do not ship internationally.

We cannot be held accountable if incorrect or insufficient shipping information was provided. Be sure there are no Typing errors. Once your order is confirmed you CAN NOT change or request for it to be shipped to a different address.


Damaged products

If your order arrives with broken tabs, vials etc – we cannot be held responsible for the mistreatment of packages by the courier. No refunds will be issued. You agree to this when ordering with us. However, the past has proven pose a very very small percent of cases as such given our superb packaging.

Will my pack be noticeable or look suspicious?

No, your package will look no different if you were to order off any online website i.e. Amazon, Ebay etc. We take great pride in your security as well as our own.

I got my order, but Its short 2 vials?

We will only accept claims if the package is pictured in its original packaging. Once you break the seal of it, consider it voided and tampered. As far as orals are concerned, we photograph every order prior to shipping by number and keep a record for our own assurance.


As shown on our site, we currently accept INTERAC