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PowerLabs Jintropin HGH is a peptide hormone, a natural hormone produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. Jintropin growth hormone enhances tissue growth by stimulating protein formation.

Jintropin HGH reduces body fat. If men do not alter their personal habits like eating, smoking, or exercising, yet with the consumption of Jintropin HGH they can loose an average of 14% of their body fat, while gaining an average of 8.8% lean muscle mass. Your skin will become firmer and you will experience a localized increase in a bone density.

Jintropin human growth hormone is the “master hormone” that controls many organs and body functions. It is directly responsible for stimulating tissue repair, cell replacement, brain functions, and enzyme function!

Benefits of Juntropin HGH:

    1. Increased Muscle Strength
    2. Better Fracture Healing
    3. Enhanced Weight Loss
    4. Stronger Bones
    5. Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk
    6. Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction
    7. Decreased Obesity

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2 – 4IU daily HGH dose range: This is the range commonly utilized for the benefits of anti-aging, skin health, and minor fat loss. No dramatic changes will be noticeable from a dose in this range in young individuals in their 20s and is generally considered a more ‘useless’ dose for younger athletes due to the fact that this dose range is very close to the natural endogenously produced levels of Human Growth Hormone at a young age. Dramatic results in either fat loss or muscle anabolism from this dose will not be experienced unless the individual belongs to an older age group (40 years of age or older).

4 – 6IU daily HGH dose range: The range of 4 – 6IU daily will produce moderate and noticeable fat loss in users, and will also be accompanied with a small measure of muscle anabolism associated with it (unless stacked with anabolic steroids, in which case muscle anabolism can be quite dramatic).

6 – 8IU daily GH dose range: This range of dosing will generate noticeable dramatic fat loss in most individuals, as well as muscle gains. However, muscle gains experienced from Human Growth Hormone at any dose will always manifest in the later weeks or months of use due to the nature of the hormone.

Start slow, see how your body reacts. Bodybuilders need to inject between 2iu – 4iu/day, and female bodybuilders can take 1iu – 2iu/day

Administer with Bacteriostatic Water

      1. Wash your hands before you begin.
      2. Mix (reconstitute) one vial of Jintropin with the amount of sterile diluent desired.
      3. After mixing, gently swirl the mixture in the vial until the powder is dissolved. Do not shake. The liquid should be clear with no white powder remaining.
      4. Withdraw the prescribed amount of Jintropin using the sterile needle and syringe.
      5. Choose a delivery site and clean it with an alcohol wipe. The best sites are those with a layer of fat between the skin and muscle, like the thigh, the back of the upper arm, the abdomen and the rear end. Use a different site every time, and do not deliver Jintropin to an area of the body where the skin is irritated, reddened, or bruised.
      6. Deliver Jintropin by pinching small area of skin and inserting needle into body at a 90 degree angle. Once needle is inserted into the body, depress needle plunger until HGH has been injected into the body.
      7. Apply pressure to the site using a gauze pad or cotton ball.
      8. Dispose of needles properly in a biohazardous waste container. Do not reuse needles or syringes.


Jintropin should be kept cool. This is essential once the product has been reconstituted (i.e. once the liquid and powder have been mixed). When reconstituted, the product must be kept in a fridge at near 5 degrees Celsius. However, Jintropin must not be frozen, and it is recommended to be used within 14 days after reconstitution.

But if the product is left unconstituted, then the shelf life is up to the expiry date marked on its box (normally more than 12 months). In this form, the product is more stable and less prone to heat damage. Jintropin recommends keeping the product cool, and it is advisable to still be stored in the fridge.

Jintropin can be “damaged” if it is exposed to excess temperatures. Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely stored at a temperature not exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 18 months. It may be safe up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for a day or two before mixing and tolerated without a problem. Once water/diluent is added however, the liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks, or the potency will slowly decline (in case your fridge is not so accurate, we recommend use within 14 days).

The reason GH is kept in a fridge after it has been mixed is NOT that it rots or spoils, but that after you have mixed it, there might be bacteria in the vial, and growth hormone is a protein, and they eat it! The result is that it would lose potency. So you want to keep it cold to keep bacteria from multiplying too fast, because there would eventually be a loss of potency.


The most common side effect that has been noticed due to the unregulated use of Jintropin includes massive swelling in the arms and legs that are very painful as well. Other side effects include pain and swelling in the joints, possible enlargement in the breast tissues in men, and abnormal growth in the developments of hands and legs. The unmonitored use of the Jintropin supplement has also known to cause diabetes and a number of heart diseases in old age. When used in children, HGH can lead to the development of cancer when they grow older. This is one of the most important reasons why the use of the supplement is not recommended for the growth of children.

Medical Disclaimer
Please we urge you to contact your physician and do thorough research before starting any type of diet, exercise program, supplement program, drug therapy or if you feel that you may have an existing medical condition.

The information presented here should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Legal issues regarding anabolic steroidsgrowth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province and country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.

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